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Are You Flossing Too Much?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Evan
Are You Flossing Too Much?Flossing is part of your everyday oral hygiene routine. Although a considerable number of people floss daily, some go overboard. Unless you are feeling food stuck between the teeth, you may want to floss just once a day. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for plaque to form and harden. Therefore, if you are flossing more than one time in 24 hours, it may be unnecessary. Even if you floss one time a day, there is a possibility that you are still over-flossing. The sawing motion you do up into the gums is not just uncomfortable, it can also cause lasting damage.

About Over-Flossing

Despite how frequently you floss, it is important you follow the approved technique in order to avoid damage. Allowing the floss to exert too much pressure on your gum line or allowing it to physically cut into the gums, can cause premature gum recession. Having gum recession exposes the roots of teeth. The exposed surface often suffers sensitivity. Over-flossing can make you susceptible to gum disease. And, the progressing gum disease can contribute to bone loss within the jaw.

How to Floss Properly

The American Dental Hygienist Association says that when you want to floss, you need to begin with 18 inches of floss thread. Ensure you carefully wind your floss around the middle finger within each hand. Let a majority of the floss be wrapped on one finger, then wrap the other finger about one or two times. Ensure you have about two inches of floss thread left between your two hands. Also, you should have about a pinch on both ends between the thumb and forefinger in order to ensure tactile support.

When flossing ensure you do it gently and rub the floss thread against the edge of every tooth. Avoid hitting the gum when flossing around the top curve of the gum line. This motion helps remove the hard-to-reach debris found inside the edges of your teeth, especially close to the gum line. Discover more about flossing by reaching out to our periodontics team. Make a reservation for an appointment.

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