Zirconia Dental Implants in Glenview, IL

Zirconia Dental Implants Are An Effective & Natural Replacement for Missing Teeth

Our doctors are top-rated dental implant specialists & have placed hundreds of  implants each year and thousands over the course of their careers. 

With extensive training in specialized dental implant procedures such as immediate placement, implant-supported bridges and dentures, and bone regeneration (to prepare an area for dental implants), our team at Glen Perio is the best choice for your implant care. Here, we make dental implants look like beautiful, natural teeth.


  • Missing one or many teeth
  • Reduced ability to chew and enjoy favorite food
  • Esthetic and social impact 


  • Fixed and reliable long-term dental implant-born crowns and bridges
  • Healthier lifestyle and better nutrition
  • Esthetic improvements not just limited to the new beautiful smile itself, but also a more youthful appearance by providing facial soft tissue a proper support and contours 

Technology & Materials

  • Cone Beam Computer Tomography CBCT 
  • Virtual treatment planning and guided dental implant placement
  • Immediate implant placement on the day of the tooth removal and immediate temporary crowns and bridges to avoid any removable dentures 

Useful Pearl

Despite dental implants rapidly becoming “a commodity,” there are a lot of variables that can affect the biological and esthetic success of a particular clinical case. Proper diagnosis and clinical experience are the key elements for a favorable outcome. 

Dental Implant In Glenview

Glen Perio offers "Second-Opinion" consultations for FREE so you can compare your options at NO CHARGE and make a balanced, educated decision.

Zirconia Dental Implants in Glenview, IL

For many years, dental implant posts were always made of titanium, which created a strong base for the restoration placed on the top (such as a crown, bridge, or dentures). While titanium posts are still commonly used in the industry, the latest dental technology uses a Zirconia post as an alternative to titanium.

Why Zirconia? Unlike titanium, this ceramic-based material doesn’t pose the risk of corrosion. Over the years, dental experts have seen instances of metal degradation from titanium implants, which can affect the surrounding tissue. On the other hand, Zirconia dental implants provide all of the benefits of implants without the risk of corrosion and systemic trace metals.

Set For Success

The Success Rate of Dental Implants

After their healing period, the success rate of dental implants is between 94% and 98%. If you are a non-smoker with good oral hygiene, the percentage is closer to 98%.

How Long Will Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants become fixed to the jawbone. Though the life span of a dental implant will vary with each patient, many have lasted for over 30 years. With good oral hygiene and regular cleanings, dental implants can last a lifetime. In contrast, the average life span of a traditional fixed bridge is between 10-15 years.

Bone Regeneration

A critical question in determining whether an implant can be placed is, “Is there enough bone to support the implant?” Fortunately, advanced bone regeneration techniques now make it possible to place many more implants than just 10 years ago.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implant treatment begins with an evaluation by your general dentist who will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. If they feels dental implants might be possible, they will send you to us for a placement evaluation.




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