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Why Do Some Teeth Need a Surgical Extraction?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Andrew Admin
Cracked tooth graphic.Whenever you visit a dentist, they will always advise on the best method to treat your oral problems. As much as we all love a method that is less invasive on your mouth, sometimes the best way to get rid of your infection or pain is to remove the tooth permanently. The go-to method is normally simple extraction. However, there are times when it's not sufficient and doctors resolve to surgical extraction, which is a bit more complicated. There are a number of reasons why this conclusion can be made after assessing your oral health.

What Conditions Lead To Surgical Extraction?

Some of the conditions that lead to surgical removal of a tooth include serious gum disease that leaves the tooth too exposed, extensive decay, and failed fillings. There are other extremes such as after an accident when teeth are gravely injured and half-lodged into their sockets. Procedures involving the wisdom teeth normally become surgical since it's the removal of perfectly growing teeth. Other reasons involve trauma and treating a condition that has caused minimal interference with the surrounding tissues.

What Is The Procedure Of Surgical Extraction?

At first, the dentist must have a conversation with the patient to assess their general health and understand their oral disease history. The patient is then taken through anti-anxiety practices where required. After the administration of anesthesia, the surgeon begins by making an incision in the gum and then clearing the bone around to create ample working space for tooth extraction.

This process requires keen removal of the tooth and inspection to ensure that no fragments still linger inside the socket after surgery. The edges are also smothered to deal with sharp after-feelings. Call us today at our office and get to discuss more about surgical extraction and how to schedule one with us.

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